The Terrell L. Bruce Memorial Fund provides scholarship opportunities to students who come from economically, socially, or culturally disadvantaged backgrounds and demonstrate a longstanding commitment to community service and academic excellence.  Learn more about the 2023 scholarship recipients here:

Nathaniel M. Kirkland Scholars

Terrell L. Bruce Scholars

The Terrell L. Bruce Memorial Fund supports a wide range of causes that were near and dear to Terrell's heart including providing financial support and volunteer services to local animal shelters that rescue pups or abused dogs.  Click below to see our efforts:

ACCT Philly Adoption & Volunteer Event

San Diego Humane Society Volunteer Event

​​​​​Honoring Terrell's Legacy

​​The Terrell L. Bruce Memorial Fund was founded on January 3, 2017, by Brandon S. Bruce, in loving memory of his twin brother, Terrell L. Bruce. ​ Terrell was the tragic victim of senseless gun violence on Tuesday, Dec 27, 2016.  A selfless, hard worker, widely known for putting the interests of others ahead of his own, Terrell was a well-regarded pillar in the community despite his young age of thirty-three (33).  The Terrell L. Bruce Memorial Fund is a non-profit that is officially recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as having 501(c)(3) charitable organization status.  As a result, donors' contributions made through the site's "Donate" page are tax-deductible. ​​​


The Terrell L. Bruce Memorial Fund is committed to civic engagement.  Please click Learn More below to find out more about events that the Fund is hosting in your area. Check out our pics from our latest events:

Mission Bay High School Career Day 

Financial Literacy Series Workshop