The Nathaniel M. Kirkland Leadership Institute

The Nathaniel M. Kirkland Leadership Institute is an innovative program designed to fill the gap of educational opportunities to underrepresented students to help prepare them for success through job training, professional skill development, and studying as a means to increase their career advancement in diverse employment fields.  In short, our goal is to provide crucial educational and professional support to ensure that each participant in the Nathaniel M. Kirkland Leadership Institute graduates from our program with the necessary skills to be successful in whatever life goal that he or she is committed to achieving.

​The ability to pursue higher education can be considered within the context of aspiration, academic preparation, and affordability.  Our organization is focused on helping students prepare for academic success by providing the tools that ensure adequate academic preparation.  The Terrell L. Bruce Memorial Fund’s past success demonstrates our commitment to provide access to those that historically have been underserved and thereby effectively deprived of equal access to higher education.  

The Nathaniel M. Kirkland Leadership Institute will address the aforementioned challenges, in addition to the following: 

  1. Introduce underrepresented students to career opportunities that are in high demand, e.g., Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Science, Communications, and Health and Medical Related Professions;
  2. Increase the numbers of underrepresented students who will successfully pursue careers that are in high demand;
  3. Develop students holistically through academic coursework that focuses on: study skills, computer skills, reading, writing, and discipline specific skills.
  4. Encourage non-academic opportunities through co-curricular activities that enhance leadership skills and increase awareness and the appreciation of diversity; and
  5. Promote a seamless transition from high school to a four-year college institution and provide educational programming designed to increase the potential for success in higher education and professionally.