The Nathaniel M. Kirkland Leadership Institute

Our speakers include the following:  Patrick Fulgham who discussed how football led him to bodybuilding, which has afforded him opportunities to give back to the community through hi non-profit as well as traveling the country as a judge for fitness competitions.  Natilee followed her passion and became a trainer after living abroad and getting her BA in international finance.   Oriana Lazar discussed how her physical therapy and training after a serious injury helped build her confidence and inspire her to push her body to its limits to become her strongest yet.  Milene Lingiardi, shared her story with our students, in particular, how she overcame being self-conscious about her natural slim-build as a child and transformed herself by embracing a healthy vegan diet and consistent workout routine.

March 21, 2023

4:00 PM

Mission Bay High School

The Nathaniel M. Kirkland Leadership Institute hosted its Health and Wellness event at Mission Bay High School, which featured four (4) amazing speakers who discussed their fitness journey and their path to achieving mental and physical balance in the face of life's challenges.