Shari A. Jenkins, M.A.
Shari A. Jenkins, M.A., Behavioral Specialist Consultant and Mobile Therapist for a mental health agency in Broomall, PA.  Shari received her bachelors in Psychology from West Chester University in 2006.  She then received her masters in Counseling Psychology from Rosemont College in 2011.  In her current role, Shari links children to the appropriate mental health services, behavioral health services, and can provide therapeutic services to them and their families. 

Prior to working for a mental health agency; Shari graduated from Roxborough High School in 2001.  She was a friend of Terrell L. Bruce and congratulated him on his success and admired the assistance that he gave to his peers and community through real estate, financial planning and credit repair.  Shari is very involved in the Memorial Fund and wants to continue to assist Brandon in leaving a well deserved legacy behind for others to follow as a way to honor Terrell L. Bruce.

Shari has other interests and passions. She is a thorough cook and baker that prides in creating “non-conventional” recipes from scratch.  She has created a brand for herself called HumbleShowoff Cooking on social media and plans to soon launch a website and business.  

Shari is married and has one child.  Shari met her husband, who is also a graduate of West Chester University, during their undergraduate years.  Shari and her family reside in the Pottsgrove, PA area.

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