Terrell L. Bruce Scholar: Solomon S. Johnson

While reading about Terrell L. Bruce’s life, I was amazed at how much we both had in common. Like Terrell, I myself am a twin that understands a twin's bond and how we do everything together. I could never imagine what Terrell’s five siblings including his twin brother Brandon S Bruce went through after hearing about his death, however My twin and I are prime examples of how I can only assume Terrell and Brandon’s relationship was. But that’s not all, like Terrell, I have and still always excel in my academics averaging a GPA of 3.60. Excelling in school is always important to me and because of this I will be one of the top students graduating this year while being a National Honors Society Member, Student Ambassador, and Class Secretary.  

Mr. Terrell’s idea of starting and founding a scholarship fund in his little brother  Nate's name  has helped lots of families create a home and  I too want to do the same by starting different scholarship funds and charities to help those in need. This will be a way of what my idea of giving back to the community would be. Not only do I succeed in school but I have a long list of serving in my community. One of the biggest community service events I most recently served in was called Praise is the Cure. This event was held for cancer survivors and was located at Mt Airy church of God in Christ on September 29, 2019. This was a special event where I served a total of 12 hours setting and cleaning up. I also served a total of 5 hours during a blood drive at my school where I helped run things while also still giving blood.  Like Terrell, I love to play basketball and played for the JV basketball team my 10th grade year. After playing basketball I had an interest and became the manager for the girls varsity basketball assistant coach my 11th and 12th grade year. I’m in love with basketball and that’s why I want to become a professional head college/ NBA coach.   In order to do this I plan on going to Kutztown University to major in sports management. Not only do I plan to coach but I also plan to run for a political office also. There are many corrupt leaders in our nation that makes promises and do not live up to them. 

Winning this scholarship would help me a lot for my school's tuition. This would not be only about the money but receiving the award is an honor. Terrell has definitely left a legacy and a huge impact on the people he knew and also me as well. I want to say thank you to everyone who took the time to read my personal statement, and again I am humbled, honored, and grateful to be chosen to compete for this valuable scholarship.

​- Solomon S. Johnson (Excerpts from personal statement)