​I know you've been told how inspiring you and your brothers story is, but personally I'd like to say, as a twin myself that it has truly touched me and my twin sister lives tremendously. I just want to say thank you for even having the opportunity of participating in this meaningful scholarship. More than anything I've always felt giving back is most important, especially when you have the resources to give. 

The legacy of your brother's story is well known. I was informed more about it from Ms. Holiday, who proposed the scholarship to me. I can't even begin to image the courage it takes to continue on and do great things after losing all that you've loss. From already losing one of your brothers, your twin, and then the woman that gave birth to you, I can tell without even meeting you how much heart you have. I love the fact that you choose to remember your best friend's life in the most productive way possible; giving to those who don't have. I also give to my community in a very meaningful way. 

I promised myself on my way back to Philadelphia to cherish and appreciate what I have and even though I can't say there were never times I wasn't lazy in school, I can say I never took it for granted. I plan on choosing the college best fit for me out of the list of colleges I've been accepted to, where I will attend for four years, majoring in fashion design. I plan on building one self-esteem at a time with my brand that will uplift spirits and bring confidence to every woman and man out there that lack confidence in their self. I also plan on changing society's beauty standard, and making it less important as possible. 

For me to get chosen for this scholarship would truly be an honor. Receiving the money would be a blessing because it'll provide financial support for important parts of my college semester such as books and food. Being though my sister and I both will attend college in the same year, it's more difficult for my mom to be able to come forward with the money than any other parent who usually just have one child going off to college. Besides the money, this scholarship means a whole lot to me. Your strength and yearning to give back touches me. Being able to represent this scholarship means the world to me as a twin myself, and with everything in me I'll represent it in a way no one else can. Thank you again for your time and your moving story, it changed my life. 

​- Shanaya Baker-Forney (Excerpts from personal statement)

Terrell L. Bruce Scholar: Shanaya Baker-Forney