Terrell L. Bruce Scholar: Nyesha Prosser

​So many roads I can go down that will paint my future in bright ways. Starting from becoming a professional artist to going into going into the field of law. I desire to take the road somewhere in between. I am proud to say that I want to continuously help young kids break barriers they thought that they thought they would not to overcome. To mend and relieve their parents broken heart that brought them into that hospital to begin with. The day this happens I will know that I have reached my goal of where I want to be at in life.

Participating in giving back to the homeless and less fortunate not only did I enjoy doing it because it was for the better good but also because it also help me realize who I wanted to be and why I wanted to be there. Being able to help those who cannot do for themselves and do not know what the next day holds for them and genuinely wanting to do it, insured that my choice to become a doctor was right for me. From experiencing that, while all the outcomes were not all positives I now know for future references how to ad how not to react. Knowing in the back of my mind that whether the outcome is negative or positive, I will always take something from it and be able to apply it to something else later in life that will benefit me then.

I am grateful to be one of the recipients of the Terrell L Bruce Scholarship. With this scholarship it will be able to help me pay for my education and further my goals. Attending La Salle University in the fall of 2018 will be an exciting time for me being able to embark on my journey. I will be an undergraduate Biology major with a minor in Creative Writing. While I know I have a long way to go after high school to become a doctor with my four years of undergraduate and my four years of graduate school before actually being able to say that I am a doctor. Although I know I will have a lot of obstacles and challenges that I have to face getting there, I will continue to keep my head up high and push through because I know what my end product is and I know how bad I want it. 

I am ecstatic about finishing high school and beginning my journey and earning my degree in Biology. Then move to become a board certified Pediatric Surgeon and help kids all over the world. Thank you so much for this opportunity to further my dreams.

​- Nyesha Prosser (Excerpts from personal statement)