​Growing up in the city of Philadelphia my parents told me “Education Is The Key To Success That Opens Doors To A Brighter Future”. I am thankful and proud to be one of the fellow Roxborough High School seniors to obtain the Terrell L. Bruce Memorial Fund Scholarship. Being able to obtain an honor as this is a proud moment especially knowing my academic achievements and my application was chosen for this opportunity. I have always been the individual that took my academics and studies important constantly pushing myself to pursue the goals I placed for myself in future. Being an honors student, student ambassador, and a student representative takes courage, motivation, and constantly staying dedicated towards my responsibilities.

The day I found I out I was awarded the Terrell L. Bruce Memorial Fund Scholarship, I was touched and felt personally proud of myself knowing all my hard work was being recognized. When reading more about Terrell Bruce’s Story I felt connected with his story and truly understood his point of view about his past and journey to get to his goals. From both of us being African American males raised in the poverty stricken streets of Philadelphia, who lost a brother to tragic events but continued to pursue our dreams, goals and obtain  many achievement, is a touching matter. I will always remember Terrell’s story and use his passionate mindset to continue to strive to greatness.​

​In the fall of 2018 I will be attending Indiana University of Pennsylvania majoring Business, sales and marketing. I also have a open mindset of joining a fraternity pledging as a member of Kappa Alpha Psi. Entering this new chapter of my life will have many barriers, trials, and tribulations but I am ready to overcome them and be once again successful with my academics. 

​I appreciate the Terrell L. Bruce Foundation for recognizing the accomplishments I have achieved. This was a great pleasure being able to apply, and write about how I relate to such a great man as Terrell Bruce. With the scholarship money I will put the money towards purchasing a laptop for college, and use the rest of the money to purchase the needed books needed for college as well. 

​- Nasir-Rashaan Johnson (Excerpts from personal statement)

Terrell L. Bruce Scholar: Nasir-Rashaan Johnson