​​My name is Madison Mullen and I am a seventeen year old senior at Roxborough High School. I would like to begin with trying to express my gratefulness for being selected as a recipient of the Terrell L. Bruce Scholarship. I am filled with such a great gratitude that I cannot find a way to put into words. Winning this scholarship means the entire world to me. 

In the fall of 2017 I have made the decision to further my education at Penn State University. Upon my arrival to the university in the fall I will work on deciding whether I will take on Criminology, Pre-Law, English, or Pre-Med. In some ways I am convinced that I know what I want to study, by I feel as though I still need to find and develop my niche. I know that what I want to do will help people for sure because I know that is one thing I will always want to do. 

I am ready for the challenges that life is going to toss my way and as I look back at my highschool experience and think “If I made it through this, I can make it through just about anything.” I am ready for the world, and I am ready for college. I am ready for the friendships, the romance, and the education. I am finally ready to experience what it is that our parents and grandparents said not to rush. I am ready to get into the big leagues and find who I am in college.

 Thank you again for this amazing opportunity, and once again I am honored to be a recipient of Terrell Bruce’s scholarship and I am proud to be named as one who is a part of the legacy now.

​- Madison Mullen (Excerpts from personal statement)

Terrell L. Bruce Scholar: Madison Mullen