Terrell L. Bruce Scholar: Gabriele Robinson

I identify with Terrell Bruce’s life because he was very determined, passionate, and worked very hard to achieve his goals. I always try to make sure that I distribute those qualities when it comes to school and anything that is important to me. Staying determined and focusing on your goals will allow you to become successful when continuing to work hard. Terrell was also someone who showed leadership and made it a priority to always help others. I show leadership by helping to create ideas in school and trying to direct my fellow classmates in the right path. My passion for doing community service and helping others is to put a smile on people’s faces. Also, to help those who may be in need and to bring positivity into the world by performing acts of kindness. In my spare time, I have donated clothing, canned goods, and have also participated in the Red Cross Blood Drive. I feel that it is very important to contribute and give back to the community because there are many people that struggle to make ends meet every day and are in need of a support system. 

My passion and goal in life is to be able to fulfill my dreams. The one thing I notice this world is lacking is love. If we had more love in the world, there wouldn’t be any killings and hurt. I will always strive to be an example to all of the young people in the world, so when they grow up they will see that it is okay to be nice to one another and they will see what brotherly love looks like. Knowing that positivity and compassion can help the world become a better place will always make a difference. I will continue to contribute to my community and help where it is needed. Terrell inspired so many teens and young adults because he was a good-hearted person. He had a great personality; I know this because he was our favorite waiter at Iron Hill Restaurant. Whenever my mom and I would eat there we would always ask for him. He was a nice and funny guy, who would always offer his advice. If someone ever needed anything, he would always lend a helping hand. He really was a great example of a decent human being. Many people have inspired me greatly over the years as well, it has shaped me into the person that I am today. But I will always take Terrell’s advice and strive to go as far as I can in life.

​- Gabriele Robinson (Excerpts from personal statement)