If you asked me four years ago if I was going to college, I might have said no.  I was never a kid to have a college fund set up for me, and I knew I would have to figure out how to pay for everything myself.  When I came to Roxborough, I saw a school community that was lacking.  This past year I set up the legacy committee, became softball captain, and made a positive change in my school community.  With my help and ideas Roxborough held their first dance in 5 years.  It was a valentines day dance that was made possible with my fundraising ideas.  I know this won't stop once I hit college, it's a character trait.  I'm already planning on joining a few clubs in college and to make whatever impact I see fit. I always want the things I'm involved in to be the best they can be.  

I am going to college to be an Art Educator.  A lot of schools have art, and education.  Except not many do a good job at providing an art education major where I would graduate with my teaching certification after four years.  Except Kutztown did.  When you're applying to schools some have an application fee.  Kutztown’s fee was $65.  To some people that might not be a big number, but to me that number almost made me not apply.  If I didn't go to Roxborough and get an application fee waiver from my guidance counselor I would have never gotten into the school that I'm moving into this upcoming August [2023].

 As I mentioned money wasn't something that I had guaranteed, looking at the numbers I kept asking “but how do you get that amount of money.”  I couldn’t realistically understand how that number was obtainable let alone something I had to pay myself.  Thankfully this scholarship will officially bridge my financial gap for my freshman year!  The Terrell L. Bruce Memorial Fund scholarship partnered with all the other scholarships I've received will officially cover my first full year of tuition at Kutztown University and might even carry into my next four years.  I am so Thankful for this scholarship, I always had the dream to be an artist. As I matured, I realized I had the passion to work with youth and the drive to impact the future.  You do not need a degree to be an artist, but you need one to be a teacher and I am thankful that this scholarship will help me make that dream come true!

​​- Angelina Rose Patete (Excerpts from personal statement)

Terrell L. Bruce Scholar: Angelina Rose Patete