Terrell L. Bruce Scholar: Kyele Merriweather

I’m honored to be this year's recipient.  I will be spending my next four years at La Salle University for my Bachelors in marketing.  My academic plans are to first adapt to the college environment then to learn how to properly write a college essay.  My year to year goals are to network and meet new people, also to gain more and more knowledge about the different business majors.  Lastly, climb the ladder of success in my class by being highly ranked.

Some career goals of mine is to first graduate from college and to work for big name companies.  Then network with other CEOs and millions so when I start my business I have people to go to.  I have also been into sneakers even since I was little.  It's a dream of mine to open my own sneaker store in neighborhoods all over Philadelphia and the world.  So I can hire
kids and get them jobs to take care of themselves and stay out of trouble.  Another career goal of mine is to start a real estate company there’s a lot of abandoned houses and buildings that should be made into schools, recreation centers.  Also to create wealth for my kids and leave
property behind for them.

The Terrell L. Bruce award means so much to me, because I feel rewarded for all the hard work, hardships, and long nights especially during quarantine.  Terrell was a selfless, hard worker.  These are qualities that I see in myself and hope that other people see in me.  I am extremely
honored to be receiving such an important award and I am earnestly grateful for the recognition I have received for my work, because I am very sure that every other nominee for this award was as capable, if not more, of winning this award.  I sincerely thank you for helping me reach a
stage where I can proudly hold up this award as a mark of my achievement.  I also promise to only get better at my work so that you can see me here for more such awards.  Thank you!

​​- Kyele Merriweather (Excerpts from personal statement)