Terrell L. Bruce Scholar: Jay Patel

Growing up in India I naturally had a strong accent because of which I faced few criticisms after moving to the United States. However, after working all summer at Dunkin Donuts my communication skills improved and I am adapting to the new environment. I believe that after exposing myself to various opportunities, experiences and working hard to achieve good grades, I am ready to take on new challenges at Montclair University. 

While education can open many doors, it is up to the individual to take the initiative. I have the drive and determination to become an IT manager, but I lack the financial resources to do so. This scholarship would allow me to pursue the job of my dreams, one that is anchored in service but at risk of losing its altruism. My objective is to offer a little more and to accomplish a little more. I would be able to make a difference in the ever-changing and complex world of health care if I were to get the Terrell L Bruce Scholarship. My family has always been supportive of my efforts, but they are unable to pay for my college tuition. That is why I am applying for a scholarship on my own initiative. My education will not be haphazard; rather, it will be intentional. These are my goals, and I ask that you choose between them.

​​- Jay Patel (Excerpts from personal statement)