Friday, May 10, 2019

6-8 PM EST

Drexel University

A reception to recognize the 2019 recipients of the Nathaniel M. Kirkland Scholarship and the Terrell L. Bruce Memorial Fund Scholarship.  ​We are happy to announce that on May 10, 2019, we will be providing six (6) more scholarships to Dewayne Baxter and Shanaya Baker-Forney (2019 Terrell L. Bruce Memorial Fund Scholarship recipients), Jeniffer Rodriguez, Shayla Whitmore, Sthefany Jaquez-Lopez, and Jonah Wood (2019 Nathaniel M. Kirkland Scholarship recipients).  We will also be honoring Janine D. Momasso as the "Outstanding Supporter" of the year.  At such time our total number of scholarships awarded since January 2017 will increase to eighteen (18) for a total amount of $12,616.98 in scholarship money awarded to deserving students.  ​​

Scholarship Recipients Reception - 2019