I enjoyed reading that Nathaniel was an RA as well but it is very telling of the type of person he was; someone who did not shy away from responsibility, enjoyed helping others, and bringing people together for a common cause. I want to be an RA because it will allow me to you experience what it's like to have real responsibility and it allows you to be there for people who need your help and are feeling down; much like my future career path of nursing. 

The Nathaniel M. Kirkland scholarship will definitely help me reach the highest potential by giving me the financial freedom to explore clubs and impactful courses (like prison, society, and women's history) that could help me have a deeper understanding of the world while in college. It will also help me keep my word of being involved in meaningful organizations and community service since I will be upholding the spirit of giving that Nathaniel embodied. I also plan to pursue a semester abroad with a service learning component with an organization like The Red Cross, which will allow me to travel and strengthen my nursing skills while servicing much needed patients. 

For so long, college has seemed like a distant dream however my opportunity to fulfill not only my goal but one of my parent's greatest wishes is within reach. With the financial support of The Nathaniel M. Kirkland Scholarship not only will I be able to achieve a key component of the American Dream I will also have the opportunity to honor the memory and legacy of a caring and driven young man, Nathaniel. I will work diligently to ensure that I do not falter in my achieving my goal.

​- Jeniffer Rodriguez  (Excerpts from personal statement)

Nathaniel M. Kirkland Scholar: Jeniffer Rodriguez