My name is Jamaica Jordan and I am currently a senior at John Bartram High School and an active member of the College Access Program. I am an honor roll student and have received awards for my outstanding academic achievement and a certificate for completion of the Job Readiness Program, a program that helps high school students get ready for career through job interviewing and resume writing support. In addition to my academics, I participate with the Philadanco Dance Company.

 I am excited to announce that I will be attending Pennsylvania State University Abington campus in the fall of 2017, where I plan to continue to do well in my studies and get involved in campus organizations and events.

In the future I would like to help others and give back to my community by being a leader and mentor. I am a very caring and loving person who wants to give back to my community much like, and in the same spirit as Nathaniel. Nathaniel’s legacy is an inspiration to me and will always serve as a reminder of the importance of paying it forward.

While at Pennsylvania State University, I plan to volunteer my time to organizations requesting support, with a special focus on organizations that serve children. I have a special affinity for children and caring for them. When my brother’s child was born, he was born with significant difficulties that required him to have surgery. I remember the feelings that I experienced during this trying time and remember specifically feeling helpless. I asked a lot of questions and performed my own research. I turned those feelings of helplessness to curiosity and now plan to pursue my education to become a neonatal nurse practitioner.

 I am fully aware of the sacrifices made by the Terrell Bruce Scholarship fund and ensure you that I will not let you down. I also am aware of the many sacrifices that my mother has made for me along the way. My mother is a single parent of three children and has worked hard all of her life to provide for us. Out of respect for the sacrifices my mother has made and continues to make for me, I will be sure to achieve my goals and continue to make her proud.

I am truly grateful for this opportunity and eternally thankful to the Terrell L. Bruce Memorial Fund for this generous scholarship distinction. I know it will have a profound impact on my life.

​- Jamaica Jordan (Excerpts from personal statement)

Nathaniel M. Kirkland Scholar: Jamaica Jordan