Nathaniel M. Kirkland Scholar: Isaiah Woodard

Community service has allowed me to seize several opportunities and one of them was college. College has always been a part of my personal goals since I was in middle school. I was told furthering your education was a great thing and I plan to take full advantage of it. An undiscovered education is hidden opportunity for anyone to succeed.

This fall I plan on attending Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Upon my 4 years at the institution I plan on pursuing a master’s in public health. I chose this path because I enjoy traveling and I want to be a contribution to improving and promoting healthy lifestyles. However, I am opening the next chapter of my life, and obstacles will be faced.

Based on my good morals and academic perseverance I am internally humbled and grateful to be a recipient of this scholarship. It is the honor behind the scholarship that truly stands out to me. Knowing that it is in honor of a man who thrived like me and was compassionate, it’s an exuberant feeling.

I plan on being a very active engaged student on campus. Studying abroad is a definite privilege I would take advantage of. I also plan on getting internships and ensuring that I am the voice of my university. Furthermore, reflecting on who I was I’ve realized I have grown within Roxborough’s walls. The transition period from middle school to high school, involved me thinking critically about myself. Looking back, I am elated to see the progression from speechless to outspoken. It took me a while to understand, that being vocal was a huge step for me. I’ve learned being content with failure is not for me.

As for myself I was not always the typical “good” student. It’s almost as if It was yesterday December of my freshmen year I came to a realization that I needed to change and find the prosperity within the school. I began to think about how I could be a positive influence in my school community. So, I surrounded myself around positive energy and upper-class male role models. I knew that I could not accept mediocrity; I needed more.
From these mentors I gained a self-motivation wanting to do better and choose the path that is destined for my life. These smart decisions led me to great opportunities, such as me being the proud recipient of the Nathaniel M. Kirkland Scholarship.

​- Isaiah Woodard (Excerpts from personal statement)