Nathaniel M. Kirkland Scholar: Dalila Zigani

Chestnut Hill College is the college that I chose to attend this fall. Chestnut Hill is a private Roman Catholic college in the Chestnut Hill section of Philadelphia. Chestnut Hill College was founded in 1924 by the sisters of St. Joseph. It was primarily an all girls’ school but became a co-ed school in 2003. Biology is my choice for a major. I have not chosen a minor yet, but I am considering Nanotechnology and/or Neuroscience. 

“Learn more, to earn more, in order to give more,” was a saying I heard someone say at an event I attended which was “College Signing Day”. It just made sense to me because giving back to the community is what I am most looking forward to. It is a very important goal of mine to provide opportunities for others most in need. I think that if we all help our communities, our societies would be better, friendlier, and stronger. 

​After my bachelor’s degree, I will go to medical school to become a cardiologist. I want to someday build a hospital in Africa where people can receive free consultations, free vaccines and medications. It hurts me to see people suffering because of lack of medicine for treatment or money to buy it. Ignorance and dirtiness are the first causes of diseases in my hometown. In Burkina Faso, I will create an association that promotes a clean and safe environment by doing free plays for communities. 

​​Nathaniel M. Kirkland is a role model to me. He is an excellent example of someone who is working hard to give back to his community. Nathaniel is someone that every student should look up to and follow in his path. If there were more people like Nathaniel Kirkland in the world, the world would most certainly be a better place.

Receiving the Nathaniel M. Kirkland scholarship means a lot to me.  “Giving back” was impressed upon us at school in Burkina Faso, in my church and in my family. It validates the way I think and the way I was raised. This scholarship will help me cover my gap and enable me to attend the college of my choice with less worry about debt. It means that the little things that I am currently doing to foster good relations in my community is necessary. 

​- Dalila Zigani (Excerpts from personal statement)