After reading about Nathaniel, I felt that we had something in common. The will to not only exist but also to thrive in the surroundings we’re put into. Like Nathaniel, I have always tried to make the most out of what I am given. For me, taking part in multiple after school activities like Student Run Philly Style and Vietlead is a way for me to push my boundaries. Besides after school clubs, I am also enrolled at the High School Scholars program at Drexel University as a part-time student. I believe that there is no limit to knowledge, that everyone should get the highest education they could possibly get. All the things I’m doing outside my comfort zone made me realize that just like Nathaniel, I love making changes big or small. I have always found joy through helping the people around me.

In the future, I would create programs and workshops that will educate students entering the real world like myself. They will not only be introduced to basic civic knowledge but also taught how to introduce it to their families and close ones too. Changing the mindset of the younger generation is key to starting a future with an active member of the society. In addition to civic education workshops, my goal is to create an organization that will help introduce the upcoming Indonesian immigrant community to the US. Helping kids get enrolled in schools, helping adults sign up for healthcare and etc. And maybe in the future, I will make the same organization for other communities that need assistance because I believe that there is no limit to helping others.

- Christopher Jeffy Jong (Excerpts from personal statement)

Nathaniel M. Kirkland Scholar: Christopher Jeffy Jong