Nathaniel M. Kirkland Scholar: Queen-Roszia Davis

​My name is Queen-Roszia Davis and I am a future neonatal nurse. This fall I will be attending Eastern University of Saint Davids PA. With my nursing major I intend to first, finish school passing all exams and later on further my studies to pass my national neonatal certification exam and become a certified neonatal nurse. 

 Babies and strong women that care for a new life and its upbringing is something that inspires me.  That is why being a voice and asset in works like this is important to me.  From birth a child should be tended to and supervised.  Coming from a past where that was not always the case with myself, I wish to use my voice in my career to make sure that from a seed that these babies are being put into a safe place and leaves that hospital healthy and secure.

 When I'm not in pursuit of achieving my goals most of my hobbies and activities are personal.  I love to write, crochet, knit, color, read, and go for runs, though sometimes running alone to me seems quite embarrassing.  I, with my college years ahead, will use my outgoing personality to pull others into things I enjoy.  Maybe I'll start a book club and if I have time I may even join someone else’s club, preferably a track club.  I wish to be open and outgoing all of the time.  But in new environments sometimes I become shy and introverted.  I don't want to miss out on the little things that make college an experience to remember.  So, I will try my best to be social because connections are important.           

This scholarship is a true blessing to have.  Someone right now does not have the chance or the means to go to college.  I’m here going and being helped by so many organizations that care and it's making my hopes and dreams more tangible.  I'm honored to be considered by this establishment and would not be able to achieve my goals if it wasn't for the kind people behind these names that care for the next generation students like myself.

​~ Queen-Roszia Davis (Excerpts from personal statement)