Goals are something that I tend to think about often.  I come from humble beginnings.  Just like Nathaniel Kirkland, I am the youngest sibling.  I am working towards making myself have a brighter future.

Growing up in a less fortunate family, I have had struggles such as having food be put on my plate.  Or trying to work around the absence of my father.  Which let me and my family to always financially struggle.  My mother had to work twice as hard and do the job made for two parents. Luckily, we have just got by.  But I want to do more than get by.  I want to welcome myself to a world where I can make many achievements.  I want to envelope myself within the workforce while expressing my many talents.  Such as the arts.  I want to not only pick myself up but my community also.  Which deserves many more chances in life.

I always enjoyed learning new concepts and engaging in brand new ideas.  Unfortunately I was bullied throughout my years in school until I hit high school.  In my freshman year, all of my confidence was stolen from me.  Along with my interest in school. Through my freshman year I have made good friends that showed me school is not a bad thing and people can be cruel anywhere.  I also learned I should never stop chasing my dreams just because of people who have bad intentions.  The way that I look at it now, like I mentioned prior.  I have goals.  Something I tend to think of often.  And I'll never let people stop me from achieving great feats.

I want to see those around me do well.  I feel like happiness is something to be shared.  I plan on making a good enough living so I can share my happiness and give to those who need it more than I do.  Such as donating to homeless shelters, donating to communities who assist people who have disabilities.  Help organizations that specialize in assisting those who are neurodivergent.  Help my family.  Help my mother who has worked so hard to raise me and my sisters and brother.  Rewards myself because of everything that I have been through and worked hard to get.  The reason why I feel like college is so important is because college gives me an opportunity in life to make change not only for myself, but for those around me. College can help me get a great career as an outcome.  Then I can do well for myself and those around me.  I can give back to my community.

​~ Latina "Belle" Fleming (Excerpts from personal statement)

Nathaniel M. Kirkland Scholar: Latina "Belle" Fleming