Nathaniel M. Kirkland Scholar: Kesirot Adeniyi

I chose nursing as a profession because it has been my dream job since my adolescence.  I have always loved taking care of babies and child development.  I am always eager to learn more about them.  I have significant experience taking care of babies, as I started helping my sister look after her kids while she was at work.  I made the decision to work hard and become a nurse so that I can help babies from low-income families that might be going through similar problems as my family experienced.  Income level and resources should not be factors that limit families’ access to healthcare and support.  Therefore, I am going to pursue my career in nursing as a registered obstetric nurse. I have yet to decide which college I want to go to because I applied to a lot but when the financial aid package arrived they were all really expensive, even after the merit awards I will still have to pay a lot which might be a problem.  So I decided to apply to Community College of Philadelphia after my school counselor told me about the Catto Scholarship and then I can enroll in another
university to be a registered nurse.  

During my time at Community College of Philadelphia with the support of the Terrell L. Bruce Memorial Fund, I plan to pursue opportunities to travel to other countries to learn about different healthcare systems and offer service to community hospitals.  Anytime I have a winter or summer break, I hope to be able to continue my training and offer my skills and services to global communities in need.  I am confident that I will be able to make a difference in people's lives as a nurse with the help of the Terrell L. Bruce Memorial Fund.

​​- Kesirot Adeniyi (Excerpts from personal statement)