Nathaniel M. Kirkland Scholar: Kymani Burgher

I am a very hard worker. I am intrinsically motivated to push myself always, and I never leave a task incomplete. Throughout this year’s learning, I have adapted to virtual learning. I used fear of failure as my motivation and each day I work towards finishing strong. I have learned to discipline myself, to not procrastinate, to reach out for help whenever I need it, and to never give up. 

​Through my passion for helping others, I wish to pursue a career in healthcare/health sciences. To ensure that I achieve this goal, I will be attending Thomas Jefferson University this fall to obtain my Bachelor’s Degree in the next four years and become a registered nurse. My main reason for choosing this career path is the love I have towards others, especially those who are vulnerable in our society and those who cannot help themselves. I could never have chosen a more fulfilling career. Nursing comes with a lot of responsibilities and challenges, and because of this I know that I will always have a “purpose” and there will always be others that need me to be a champion for them where they cannot. 

Nathaniel Kirkland is a role model to me because of the ways in which he was involved with serving the community in college, in Philadelphia, and globally. I also identify with his determination in his academics. The receipt of this scholarship means a lot to me and I am very grateful. I am from a single parent household; it is just me and my mom. I want to pursue my dream career and that has a cost. This scholarship will go towards the cost of attending college, and will relieve some of my stress about being able to afford the materials I need to be successful in my first year.

​​​- Kymani Burgher (Excerpts from personal statement)