Ever since I began high school I always felt that it was necessary for me to be the best I could be. I wanted to succeed so that I would be a perfect candidate for my number 1 school, Drexel University. I applied to Drexel Universities College of Arts and Sciences as a Biological Sciences major under an early decision applicant. I plan to participate in Drexel’s co-op program, which will provide me with the opportunity to balance what I am learning in the classroom with hands-on experiences before I graduate. This program will allow me to gain knowledge, grow exponentially in terms of the field I will like to approach after and provide me with the tools to build my social network of people, who are able to help me further my education beyond what I am capable of.

When I began this process of applying to college I had one fear and one fear only, of not being financially equipped to attend college. I come from a low income family who cannot pay your average cost of college. I felt like although it was necessary to apply to college for my future career the uncertainty of not being able to pay dawned on me.

 It wasn’t until I began applying to scholarships where I for the first time since I began my college journey felt at ease. It was scholarships like the Nathaniel Kirkland Award where not only did I resonate with the story of Nathaniel, but where I saw hope for ease on myself and my family’s worries when it came to going to college. This scholarship means so much to me and that isn’t something I say just to say, But something I say because of this scholarship I don't have to worry as much about my mom when I'm away and because of this scholarship I am able to have a bit of support for the upcoming year. As for the person who inspired this very scholarship I feel like I will carry his story in heart and mind and try my best to be a bit like him in my everyday life at college as he is someone who inspired me to be more within my community and to impact others.

​​- Emely Del Orbe (Excerpts from personal statement)

Nathaniel M. Kirkland Scholar: Emely Del Orbe